About us

ESI does not offer a product, a service, but a personalized relationship. When we come into contact with our customers, we create a relationship similar to a partnership.

Siège ESI

Created in 1989 by Claude RAISON and Christian BESNARD, Europ Service Industrie (ESI) is a French and family company which manufactures, supplies and reconditioned equipment for grinding, drying, mixing and pelleting.

In addition, ESI regularly innovates and develops new agro-food and viticulture machines.

The strength of ESI is its dynamic and qualified teams that apply to the design, thanks to its Internal Design Office, as well as to the manufacturing, construction and maintenance of turnkey plants.

Europ Service Industrie stands out in its ability to adapt to each partner. When we get in touch with our customers, we create a relationship similar to a partnership.

Our value is to support our customers from A to Z, by supporting them with maintenance, by educating them through training and advice, by providing insurance through reviews, ensuring your productivity through the supply of wear parts…

Europ Service Industrie supports all types of activities :

Europ Service Industrie Africa

It is around the globe that we develop our expertise, mainly in Europe and Africa through our Moroccan subsidiary and our South African partner, but the company is also developing in America and Asia.

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In 2006, ESI created a subsidiary in Morocco, ESI-Africa (ESIA) and opened a maintenance workshop and a commercial service to serve the entire African continent.