Dear Customers, Dear Suppliers,

In view of the current health situation in France and all the recent measures taken by the government, Europ Service Industrie teams remain mobilized to ensure you the continuity of our best service in accordance with recommendations from health agencies and authorities.

Therefore, we have enforced a business continuity plan as follows:

  1. We implemented the necessary precaution and measures to ensure the safety of our colleagues, first.
  2. Our workshop remains operational, as a small team to meet in priority needs of sectors classified as “crucial and strategic” by the government at first. Secondly, keep our support up to you, provide you and ensure you the continuity of our services and availability of our products.
  3. Our technical teams remain mobilized to intervene for urgent need of necessary repairs in order to proper operate with industrial tools as well as principal maintenance service to restart sites in technical shutdown.
  4. We maintain opened deliveries and shipping desks in observing constraints associated to carrier activity. While preserving the health of our drivers, The ESI drivers’ shuttles will serve you as much as they can, in departments which are not accessible by carrier.
  5. We apply the instruction for customers and suppliers: no visits are allowed in our offices in Vernouillet 28500.
  6. Our colleagues, whose tasks allow telework, have been performing their duties at home since 20-03-2020.
  7. We remain vigilant and listen to any new guidelines and instructions in order to adapt to any changes.
  8. Thank you for emailing us your own guidelines and BCP.

All EUROP SERVICE INDUSTRIE remains at your disposal to answer any questions you may have,

Take care of yourself and your loved ones