Bucket elevator

Bucket Elevator for handling and elevation of bulk products such as grains, pellets, powders…

Elevator 30/500Elevator 18/400
T /HUp to 100 T/HUp to 45 T/H
m³/HUp to 130 m³/HUp to 60 m³/H
Power (kW)9.2 à 45 kW1.5 à 4 kW
HeightUp to 35 mUp to 30m
Equipment• Direct drive gearmotor IP55
• Non-return
• Painted steel
• Strap : anti-fire, anti-grease, anti-static (ISO 340 / ISO 284)
Options• Galvanized
• Opening leg
• Different types of buckets (steel, galvanized, PEHD)
• Lift head platform
• Rotation controller
• Alignment controller
• Other colors (on request)
• ATEX gearmotor

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