Conditioner + Screw feeder H Model

Conditioner with his screw driver adjustable and flexible to your product.

The quality of the pellets depends on the thermomechanical accuracy of its preparation. Your pellet quality depends on the right combination of humidity, temperature and retention time depending on your material.
A conditioner must be adaptable and flexible to better conditioned your pellets.
The time that your material is in the conditioner depends on your needs. Especially because time and temperature create moisture and heat.
ESI conditioners add steam to ensure the rising of the temperature and have ideal retention times.
A213 cm310 cm
B128,5 cm130 cm
C118,5125 cm
Power (kW)7,515
Weight (kg)6501000

Europ Service Industry also offers a selection of spare parts for your hammer mill, pellets mills, crumbler, rotary valve, conditioner…

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