Dry Rechipper Hammer Mill BAS Model

Dry Rechipper Hammer Mill supporting powers from 250 to 630 kw.
Mainly used for dry wood.
Each model can have 1 to 2 motors.

The hammer mill reduces the size of the components of your raw material to the desired size, to have a better mixing for pelleting.

The hammers hit the different particles to perfectly grind them.

In animal feed, the pelleting made by the mills is optimal, hence the success of the mills in the agricultural sector.

Our clients used it for grinding and pelleting :

  • Animal feeding
  • Wood
  • Grain…

The degree of particle reduction depends on your raw material, the rotation rate of the rotor/hammer assembly, the holes in the screen and the speed with which the material is fed into the hammer mill.

1 engine (BAS 60 / BAS 90 / BAS 120)

2 engines (BAS 150 / BAS 180)