Drum Dryer Triple Pass

The ESI Dryer adapts to your machines, your products and the layout of your environment.

ESI dryers have a pneumatic force that acts by the action of air and a mechanical force.

The drum rotation allows drying of all kinds of products of different sizes and specific grain size.

Our dryers will ensure a guarantee of humidity and homogeneous final quality.

The dryer is easy to use, robust, and requires little maintenance.

Our current customers use it for drying:

  • Wood particles
  • Grass and alfalfa
  • Grain (barley, wheat, corn, etc.)
  • Beet pulp
DrumSize A (mm)Size B (mm)Size C (mm)MassPowerWater evaporationDrum speedOptions
E228502700620010 T2 x 2.2 kW à 24 rpm2000 L4 à 6 rpm• Fire evacuation

• Installation on expansion chamber

• Stainless steel drum

• Belt cleaning
E434003250700015 T2 x 3 kW à 30 rpm4000 L4 à 6 rpm
E641003600900018 T2 x 5.5 kW à 32 rpm6000 L4 à 6 rpm
E8410036001150030 T2 x 5.5 kW à 32 rpm8000 L4 à 6 rpm
E1045003800 1250035 T2 x 2.5 kW à 32 rpm10000 L4 à 6 rpm
E12480040501250041 T2 x 7.5 kW à 37 rpm12000 L4 à 6 rpm
E14490044001330053 T2 x 11 kW à 33 rpm14000 L4 à 6 rpm